Tennis Club
            The Independence Tennis Club was established in March 2021 for the purpose of advocating for the tennis players and bringing them together to enjoy the sport.  Due to the necessity to share the tennis court with Pickleball, the club leadership will negotiate equitable court time for tennis use.  The Independence Tennis Club will also maintain a Sign Up Genius for the reservation of court time on days assigned for tennis use and then move to the Clubhouse Sign Up Genius.
            The Independence Tennis Club is open to all Independence residents, regardless of playing ability, to enjoy the sport of tennis.  Clubhouse Manager will maintain the court and the tennis net. Each member is responsible for obtaining all other tennis supplies.
            There is no cost to joining the Independence Tennis Club.
            The leadership team will consist of the following officers elected at each spring annual meeting by a simple majority.  One person can assume more than one position if no other member is interested in a leadership role.
            Chairperson: This individual will act as the primary point of contact for the Independence Tennis Club.  This individual is responsible for communications with the other members and will maintain the Sign Up Genius for reserving court time.  The Chairperson will lead the annual meeting and ad hoc meetings should the necessity for such a meeting arise.
            Vice Chairperson: This individual will provide support for the Chairperson and act on behalf of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is unavailable.
For the 2021 season, the Chairperson position is held by Marianne Baker and the Vice Chairperson is held by Michael Birnbaum.
Participation Meetings
            The tennis court is available to Independence Tennis Club members on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and alternating Fridays.  Each member must reserve court time using the Sign Up Genius. The frequency of play for each member is flexible and based on the member’s preference.  Ad hoc tennis clinics will be offered at the discretion of the tennis pro in residence at Independence.
Organizational Meetings
            An annual meeting in the Spring will be convened to elect new officers and to discuss possible changes to organization, tennis reservations and planning of ad hoc events.  During the course of the year, e-mail correspondence may accomplish these activities with the exclusion of electing new leadership.
The dissolution of the Independence Tennis Club would occur if the membership falls below eight members.  At that time the Sign Up Genius would no longer be active and any residents who wished to utilize the tennis court would do so on an ad hoc basis.  There are no dues or equipment to distribute,