Active Aging in Place
Active Aging in Place
Mission Statement
The Active Aging in Place Club serves to provide support, information, and education to the residents of the Independence community.  The focus of the information, educational programs, and assistance provided deals with maintaining a healthy living lifestyle, the aging process, aging in place safely, and introductions to available resources within our area.
The AAinP will use resources from within the community and from outside professionals to provide these programs, which may be conducted in various formats.  
The AAinP will also assist in providing referrals, resources, and assistance to those residents who express needs for assistance.
Members Position Email
Active Aging e-mail
Anita Volpe (203) 470-6926 Chair
Kathy Bolster Vice Chair/Secretary
Susan Mosely Member at large
Sue O'Hara Member at large
Nancy Ptaszynski Member at large
Terry Tucker Member at large
Membership Guidelines
It is understood that participation within the club is at will and based upon the interest of the members.  Members serve for three years and may choose to extend their commitment after club approval.  Club membership is limited to a maximum of six members.  Members must attend at minimum, nine meetings per year.  Attendance can be accomplished either in person, conference call, or by zoom.  Should this attendance requirement not be met, the member forfeits their position from the club.

Officers are selected on an annual basis and agreed upon by the club members.

There must be an appropriate quorum present to hold a meeting and / or vote.
Upcoming Events and Programs
06.18.24 from 3 - 4 pm: "CHEER offerings"
A representative from the CHEER program will present the services and programs offered by the CHEER program
Speaker: C. Shirey (CHEER)
Location: Ballroom
09.25.24 from 2 - 4 pm: "A Physical Therapy Fair"
Representatives from various surrounding physical therapy agencies will be available in the ballroom to present their services and specialties.
Location: Ballroom
11.06.24 from 2 - 4 pm:  "Pharm Fun"
A pharmacist will present education and information regarding safe medication practices, including appropriate disposal of medications. An overview of certain drug classes and safe practices, including anti-coagulants, diabetic oral and injectables medications, antihypertensives, statins, and use of over-the-counter supplements and herbals will be provided. This is a general education program with a question-and-answer period. This session is not intended to provide personal advice/counsel regarding a resident's own medication regimen. 
Speaker: Dr. C. Golden, PharmD, BCAP, BC-Adm and Dr. C. Williams, PharmD, BCAP, BC-Adm
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